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The Winner

The winner of Umberto Cesari Art Contest 2019 is "Golden Glass" from Beatrice Pani

Golden Glass

The idea of representing a golden glass was born from the desire to underline the refinement of the product, in a contemporary, minimalist and ethnic style.
The design of the golden glass echoes the mandala technique, combining different geometric and non-geometric shapes. The use of the mandala technique aims to bring the consumer to a state of calm, meditation and conviviality typical of moments spent together. Furthermore, the drop-shaped upper part is a reference to the moment in which the wine is poured into the glass.
The choice of the color was also guided to create a harmony with the label elements already provided. The color used for the work was deliberately chosen the same as that of the logo in order to have a visual harmony.
Author: Beatrice Pani Tecnique: graphic


bottle sx concorso 2019

From the great Giorgio Morandi to the young talents of today.

The Umberto Cesari Art Contest began with the desire of Umberto Cesari to promote emerging artists and new talents by offering them the opportunity to propose a new design for the bottle labels on the MOMA line of wines, a line dedicated to the world of art.

Everything started with first bottle label, which reproduced a work of one of the greatest Italian masters of the 20th century, Giorgio Morandi. Then came the idea of continuing this artistic “duet” by creating an opportunity for young artists to display their talents and gain worldwide recognition.  

The first edition of the competition was held in 2011 in collaboration with the Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna and the Accademia di Belle Arti of Ravenna, and was won by Elena Valentini Paper Glass.

The second edition took place in 2015 with the partnership of UQAM, Accademia di Belle Arti of Urbino e Accademia di Belle Arti of Venezia. The winning work is currently reproduced on the labels of the MOMA wine line, Donatella Carollo's Futurwine.

Umberto Cesari

At the beginning of it all: a dream, to produce high-quality wine.
umberto cesari

In the early 1960s, Umberto Cesari purchased 20 hectares of vineyard and took up the challenge of a lifetime: to make Emilia Romagna a region of excellence.

Thus begins the adventure of a lifetime on the hills of Castel San Pietro Terme, between the Via Emilia and the 250 meters above sea level. Protected by the striking Calanchi Azzurri, the 175 hectares of vines enjoy an ideal micro-climate, characterised by marked day-night temperature differentials, constant breezes, and abundant sun.

To bring out the finest qualities from the grapes classic to Emilia Romagna has always been the mission of Umberto Cesari. The core wines are the four noble local varieties: Sangiovese, Albana, Pignoletto, and Trebbiano. Complementing them are international varieties, utilised primarily for the production of blends: Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, and Chardonnay.

From fermentation to bottling, every single step in the production of its wines takes place in the cellars in Castel San Pietro Terme; this complete control over quality makes it possible for Umberto Cesari to ensure the quality of its wines.